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All you need is Wealth

All you need is Wealth



GetARealJob is an artist from the South of Spain, travelling all around the world, in the search of meaning, always trying to explain the inexplicable through the filtered prism of his imagination, and attempting to play with the viewer ‘s .

He’s defining his Art as existencial, multidimensional as well as pointless and absurd.

By mixing graffiti and advertising culture, his objective is to provoke the viewers by giving a critical look at the corrupted values and double morals of our modern society. He likes to provoke them, and he wants to convert them and make them think deeper about what’s good or bad in our world.

The exhibition was introduce in 2 ramas: The personal and individual that calls and evokes something and self-esteem; and the group that compares your intrinsic values with the circumstance, the environment and the culture.

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