For their 4th episode of Pizza Nights, MACBA LIFE  decided to focus on the growth of the young talent Nassim Lachhab from Morocco since he arrived in Europe. The video has been produced at PuntDou by Javier Menéndez and Óscar Quero.

Nassim Lachhab

In this video, Alex Braza, the DJ Mucho Muchacho and Nassim Lachhab made a throwback on his journey. The moment and the complications when he came to Europe, from France to Spain, his studies, his first Skate Crew, and his first professional contracts as a skater.

Alex Braza & Mucho Muchacho at PuntDou

It’s a pretty inspiring interview for all the skaters from all round the world, and mostly from places where skateboarding is not pretty developed yet. What we can understand is that if you believe in your passion and your dreams, you will reach your objectives, even if the journey has to be hard and in some cases, long.


Friday 30 of July, we’re happy to organise another Summer event ! After The North Raval and the DC x Macba Life , it’s Jacker‘s turn to choose PuntDou and our Gallery to organise their Pop Up Opening.

Jacker started in 2011, as a free magazine about Skateboarding, Hip-Hop, Graffiti, Street art, etc.

After several years and a lot of hard work, the Jacker Magazine was distributed freely in more than 300 skateshops in more than 10 countries, and featured internationals interviews like Jaws Homoki, Colin Provost, Mikey Taylor, Westgate… for Skateboarding, and people like Method Man & Redman, Mob Deep, Joey Badass, the Alchemist… for Hip-Hop.

In 2014, because advertising wasn’t enough to support the costs of the magazine (still free), we launched a clothing brand, with a huge positive point: the image and the spirit of Jacker in the skateshops were already made.

In 2017, we decided to stop the magazine, to focus on the brand.

Our main focus has always been to bring the best quality in fabric as possible, and to find the perfect balance between Core and Commercial, always inspired by skateboarding culture, with a nonconformist touch present in all our collections.

Collections after collections, the brand grown, and is now available in all the best skateshops.

For this Pop Up, our special guests will perform from 6pm to 9pm. House & Hip Hop mix organised by OG Wax and Charly Cut, without forgetting a live performance by the rappers Bonobo and Maïcee.

DC x Macba Life After Pop Up

For the release of their Shoes collaboration on Saturday 10th of July, DC Skateboarding & Macba Life are organising a Cash for Trick contest on Plaça dels Àngels, on MACBA Museum plaza, before finishing this great day with an “After” in our Spaces.

The Cash for Trick contest will take place at 5:30pm at MACBA Museum plaza, and we will see you in our Showroom at PuntDou, Carrer del Dr.Dou, 11, 08001, Barcelona, at 6:30pm, for a memorable After between Skaters, Raval People and the incredible live performance of the DJ Mucho Muchacho.

We’ll waiting to see you there, bringing your best energy !

October 2022